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I'm Ready to Go, What Now?

If you are looking to be sent out by a missions-sending organization (MSO as we call it), there's several important things to keep in mind:

  1. They are all so very different. Shop around, it's okay. We have developed this site in hopes that we can answer some of those major questions for you, both saving you some calls and saving MSO recruiters some time to get along with their many hats.
  2. Look long term. FURM was built on the basis of wanting Christians to find ministries that fit their passion and stick with them! Younger generations can be notorious for testing many of the waters and bailing when things get a little rough, but there is beauty in persevering alongside those who share your vision, support each other's causes, and know each other's history.
  3. Church Backing is not only important because it provides financial stability and extra accountability, it's important because it's biblical! The example was set right from the beginning that the church sends missionaries. FURM is obviously in support of MSOs, but we affirm and promote the two sending in partnership. Before you go, include your church. While you're away, include your church. And when you return, include your church.
  4. Ask the important questions:
    1. Training
    2. Accountability & Mentoring while on the field
    3. Counseling & Emergency Plans if the worst occurs
    4. Re-entry Care for when you finish your term or come home on furlough
  5. Nondenominational or Interdenominational does not always mean you'll fit. We don't mean to sound harsh and the trend of being non/interdenominational is well-meaning, but every organization is still going to have its generally accepted practices and styles. Non/Interdenominational is great in the sense that is says an organization is willing to work with many backgrounds, but we want to remind agency seekers that we're human, we all have preferences in all things, including worship and ministry styles. Don't be afraid to ask questions and share yours when searching for a fitting organization.

FURM does not claim to be experts in this field, but we have approached missions as learners with a zeal and we feel a special responsibility to never claim certainty, but to share what we're learning as we go. We welcome feedback, suggestions, edification, encouragement, and testimonies. We are praying for every user of our information. May God lead and guide you in all you do and may He enlarge your territory for His glory in His timing.

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