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Why Use Fulfill UR Ministry?

We're So Glad You Asked!

We have received a variety of responses to the idea of FURM. Many responses have been incredibly positive, while some have been simply cautious. We’ve even received some flat-out negative responses and those have sounded a lot like: Aren’t there enough nonprofits out there? Aren’t there plenty of networking sites working to connect missionaries to the field? Aren’t there plenty of lists out there about the different resources available? Why reinvent the wheel?

These are all great questions.

We at FURM are aware that there are sites that connect missionaries to the mission field as well as sites listing the different resources that exist, and we are glad that those are available! FURM does not in any way see itself as being in competition with other networking sites; in fact, we hope to promote those sites. We see FURM as different and valuable, just as each of those other organizations are different and valuable too.

How Are We Different?

FURM is different for several reasons:

  1. Our goal is not to simply share a link to these websites leaving individuals to try to find each organization’s values, history, purpose, volunteer information, etc. on their own. We have searched through hundreds – if not thousands – of websites and have personally struggled to find basic information on even the simplest of sites.
    • Our goal is to compile the most important information about many different organizations and present that information so viewers can look through numerous organizations on one website while still having the ability to link directly to any particular site and even connect with that site’s contacts right from ours.
  2. We aren’t focused on sharing information about upcoming mission trips or positions that need filling right now. Instead, we really want volunteers to be compelled to connect with and invest in a ministry organization, with which they identify and want to support, rather than focus only on what might be available during a convenient time.
  3. FURM does not charge a fee for having a basic profile or for viewing our site. We recognize that it is difficult for ministries to spend money on marketing to attract online users to their website, but we also know that without it, willing laborers won’t know about an organization's specific needs for volunteers.
    • So, what if there was a website that markets not just one organization, but many, many organizations with details and contact information all in once place? Our hope is that by us having been diligent to mine out the most important information about individual ministries, and presenting that information alongside many other organizations in a user-friendly way on one website, that we are building a powerful, corporate marketing tool that hopefully relieves some of the pressure – at least slightly – on ministries so they can focus more resources on helping to spread the Gospel.
    • FURM plans to minister to the ministries by offering free marketing, and hopes to support future missionaries by making it easier for them to discern and follow God’s unique call on their lives through a better understanding about and access to the ministries!

We believe all these things together make us very different. Is this plan sustainable? To the world’s eyes, maybe not. But when God has called you to do something and given you a very clear message for how He wants it accomplished, you don’t veer off track because it’s uncertain. God has provided for us so far (overwhelmingly!), so we at FURM will continue to follow His will until He changes our direction.

Why We Are Free

In A Nutshell: For all basic profiles and all active viewers, FURM is free!

Furthermore, we at FURM intend to always keep it that way for those two groups. Do we plan to keep everything free always? No, because we work hard, believe our service is valuable, and hope to some day see FURM become financially self-sustaining and not dependent on support from donors.

At present, FURM is free but we won’t compromise our high standards: we believe in providing quality and value to those who use our site. Fulfill UR Ministry Inc. is still a new ministry and has a long road of growth and change to look forward to. We are working towards becoming a trusted and useful organization before we start requiring fees.

In the meantime, we will continue to sacrifice our time and money, be very intentional in all we do, and to constantly pray and wait on God with patience to provide in His own way and time. We have already experienced His remarkable provision, and we are choosing to remember those truths and keep our faith during both high and low seasons.

When we feel we are ready, we will be offering a selection of upgrade features that will make the website more specific and powerful, and we think some of our partners will see those options as worth paying for. We’re simply not there yet, and until that day comes all users may enjoy free use of FURM’s resources. As we wait for that day (and always after) we will keep sacrificing and trusting in God to provide for FURM’s growth, because His plans and provisions are always just right.

Upcoming Events

The following events are conferences that FURM has most recently attended and that we plan to attend in the near future. We hope to see you there!

No Events Currently Scheduled

Fulfill UR Ministry is not currently scheduled to attend a specific event in the near future, but please check back soon for updates on our next event!