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Aneko Press is a publishing and printing company that focuses specifically on publishing books that encourage Christians, provide glimpses into the lives of those in ministry, and/or are evangelistic in nature. Their publishing process is designed with ministry authors in mind and Aneko Press provides editing, cover design, marketing, and more for their authors. Their goal is to spread the word of Jesus and do their best to not let the publication process distract authors from their primary ministries.

Aneko Press has published many testimonies of God’s work by authors from diverse backgrounds and types of ministries. Aneko authors share their stories of their work as missionaries, founders of nationwide and international non-profits, leaders of churches, and much more. Most of the books Aneko Press publishes are also available in an ebook format so that they can be more easily accessed by a broad readership. They also publish a number of books specifically written to be used as evangelism tools. In an effort to further serve the work of Christ and His disciples, Aneko Press offers a discount on its publications for individuals in ministry.


Blessings International exists to provide medical supplies to missionary teams, clinics, and hospitals around the world. This ministry procures and sends out an average of 250,000 lbs of medicines and supplies each year. These supplies are used not only to equip missions and hospitals with necessary supplies, but are also used by teams sent out to aid in disaster relief.

Blessings International strives to not only equip teams with medical supplies, but provides other useful resources as well, free of charge on their website. They have uploaded templates, fact sheets, charts, and more that can be used to help providers responsibly and safely treat, record, and dose their patients. For those looking to utilize or discover other specific services Blessings has to offer, you can browse some of the funds and projects the ministry has already established, such as their Medicine for Orphans Fund and their Emergency Disaster Relief Fund.


The mission of Chapin Living Waters is to provide affordable and sustainable irrigation solutions especially for dry, developing countries. They work with development groups, relief organizations, and missions groups to help develop sustainable drought resistant vegetable production. Additionally, Chapin Living Waters develops and publishes training materials for the use and development of their materials.

Chapin Living Waters developed Bucket Kits that can be used to irrigate enough soil to feed a family of three to four even during periods of no rainfall. They also have Super Bucket Kits that families can use to sell produce during dry seasons to help pay for other essentials, such as clothing. This ministry partners with ministers, students, development organizations, civic organizations, and more to provide a tool that serves a practical need alongside a mission.

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