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I Love Missions, What Now?

We are so excited that you have a passion for missions! No matter whether your passion is for local, national, or international outreach, FURM knows that love is part of God's image reflecting in you!

When you have the passion, it's important to fuel it and test it at the same time. Know first of all that,


First and foremost, pray through all that is to come. Don't forget He is on your side. He has purpose in all things. And He is yearning to be in two-way communication with you at all times. Listen, share, cry out, and learn.

Be Open-Minded

Second, be open-minded. There is still much to be done to reach the world for the sake of the Gospel. The experiences you've had that have developed this passion in you are valuable and we know the heart many times want to relive those wonderful past experiences, but don't limit yourself to what you know you love, let the One who knows you best lead you where His love can abound.

Seek Counsel

Third, seek counsel. Heed the wisdom of those around you. Ask for prayer from friends, family, mentors, and church leadership. Let them speak into you, but remember, God's voice is the ultimate authority. Listen to His above all. Don't let others crush His radical plans for you, but don't let your own opinion trump His calling either.

Be Patient

Fourth, be patient. Zeal is a gift, but it can lead the impatient to destruction when not balanced with patience and wisdom. Don't understand a year or two or more of preparation, training, and transforming your mind within your daily context. Begin living or deepening your missional lifestyle right away, among your current circle of influence. How can you expect to love those across the nation or across the globe, if you can't love those in the next office or classroom?


Lastly, learn. Everything you can. All the time. And we're not just talking textbooks. We're not just talking bombarding organizations with what-ifs. Be in the Word. Volunteer for related ministries to what you think you'd like to do. Volunteer for your church or ministry leadership. Read related books. Engage in others' missions stories. And definitely learn the heart language of those you're going to serve, yes, Jesus can overcome all boundaries, but He can also overcome your struggle to learn a language.

Fulfill UR Ministry Inc. wants you to know you can serve the Lord using the gifts and passions He's given you. We exist because we want others to find their fit and joy on the missions field easier than we did. We want the Christian community to serve in the role they were made to serve in because The Body Works Best Together, and if we are going to reach the ends of the earth we've definitely need to be united.

Looking for "what's next" regarding your search for a sending agency? Visit the I'm Ready to Go, What Now? page to learn more.

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