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How We Further Ministries

Whether you are a missions-sending organization looking for volunteer missionaries and/or volunteers to serve in your office, a unique ministry that offers rehabilitation facilities for missionaries or in-house trainings for current ministries to better their operations, or if you offer some other ministry service, FURM wants to help get the word out about you and what you do!

We at FURM recognize that there are thousands of great organizations around our country that do a variety of different things to help further the Gospel, and we all have two things in common:

  1. We are all working to serve our Savior and spread His Light
  2. We all need exposure and servants!

FURM’s call to Kingdom-service is helping give you that exposure and connect you with more servants!

We believe the body works best together, and so we are building this website to give individual viewers an easier way to learn more detailed information about the many different ministries and service opportunities available so they can:

  1. recognize that there are countless ways to be involved in the Great Commission whether in a hometown, a neighboring state, across the country, across the globe, or even from their couch while using the internet
  2. make an informed decision on what ministry is the best fit for their service

How Do We Plan To Do This?

If you are an individual searching for a missions opportunity that you can wholeheartedly invest into, we invite you to Become an Active Viewer and search through our partner organizations. FURM truly believes you have been uniquely made for a purpose and that God desires to fill you with joy as you put to use the gifts He’s given you.

If you are a Gospel-Spreading Organization/Ministry, we invite you to Become a FURM Partner, for free! A basic searchable profile is available at absolutely no charge to you! Soon we will be offering upgrade options to profiles for a small fee, but we believe in doing the basics well before taking on more, so that will come in God’s timing.

Why Become a Partner Organization

  1. It’s completely FREE to have a basic profile on FURM’s site.
    • To see just how much one profile can cover, see this partner's profile as an example; it’s a lot of information in one place so viewers don’t have to do a lot of clicking to learn the important facts.
  2. Get more exposure for who your organization is and how you are different from the many other wonderful ministries out there.
    • As we continue to establish and develop FURM, we have also been helping many individuals personally connect with partner ministries. FURM began exhibiting at conferences in October 2015 in an effort to help connect the Body in a bigger way. We are putting efforts into sharing our services with the public by attending various conferences and we plan to start hosting our own events to help raise awareness for our partner ministries.
  3. Be the first to be a part of some of FURM’s upcoming upgrades.
    • We aren’t sharing too much yet in regards to our plans for expansion, but FURM has some pretty dramatic visions that are in motion for how we want to help connect the church to the missions field. From new features on our website to pretty big events, our goal is to make connections and we’d love for you to be a part of that!
  4. Help Shape Where FURM is Going.
    • FURM is still new and growing daily and this is why we welcome and love feedback. Most of our changes have come from partners or viewers letting us know where we need to improve. We truly welcome edification and ideas. For general feedback, share here.