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Terms of Service


By accessing and using the website you accept and agree to the terms and provisions of this agreement and to any particular content described throughout our site when using its various services. You are also automatically accepting any published conditions or rules applicable to this site’s various services, which may be modified from time to time. All such guidelines or rules are hereby incorporated by reference as part of these terms of service.

Any use of this site will constitute acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by all content within our terms of service, please do not use this site.

Information Service

This site, and all information within it, is provided as a service for informational purposes only. We are not responsible or liable for accuracy, updates, accessibility, errors or omissions within the information provided. We are also not responsible for any misrepresentation or negative experiences as a result of using this site. Fulfill UR Ministry Inc. leaves full responsibility to the user to research, inquire, prayerfully consider, and proceed with caution when choosing to communicate with or work with any organization in any capacity. We are also not responsible for the privacy policies, terms and conditions, integrity, or actions of any of our partnering organizations.

Intellectual Property Rights

If you believe your intellectual property rights have been infringed upon by this site, please contact: and we will investigate and make appropriate updates as soon as possible.


Fulfill UR Ministry Inc. is a free service to all users: organizations and individuals. We are not compensated for any of our online informational sharing or for promoting any organization. The only income we receive from users is for more capabilities within their accounts, never for advertisements or extra promotional efforts. We pride ourselves on presenting all ministries, large and small, fairly and do not intentionally promote any ministry more than another. We also have every right to promote or to deny promotion to any organization or individual we choose for any reason.

Data & Privacy

All information submitted by users of the site is protected and is not used for anything outside of its intended purposes. We do not sell or rent your information to anyone and use only trusted external providers for financial donations or subscriptions.

We have full ownership of all content posted to our site. Our content is not to be used for any purpose other than informational opportunities for our intended users.

Occasionally we will do surveys; they are voluntary and you have the option to opt out of them. Your responses to those surveys and any personal information provided will be used for their intended purposes only. By submitting any information to any of FURM’s webpages, you are allowing us to use that content at our own discretion.

We will do everything we can to keep our systems safe, updated, and private, however, if there is ever a breach of privacy and personal information is released or stolen, we cannot and will not be held responsible.

We have taken precautions to not allow sensitive information on our site, however, if anything is ever posted or submitted that affects the security of another, we cannot and will not be held responsible for such information or their effects.

We only allow adults, ages 18+, to submit any information on our site. We are not liable if anyone under that age breaks that requirement.

We do have the right to use any provided contact information for our own updates or notification purposes. By providing such information, you are agreeing to such contact.

Delivering Goods

When providing goods, we are not liable for loss or damaged goods after handing off intact package to delivery services agreed upon in order.

Financial Subscriptions

We do allow financial contributions to be made online and to be setup as recurring contributions. We cannot be held responsible for any transactions that are incorrectly placed, made, or submitted whether due to individual negligence, technical difficulties, or communication misunderstandings.

Reviews & Public Posts

We do allow all registered users to post reviews and experiences, both regarding specific organizations and in general. We are not responsible for any content posted by another user nor are we responsible for monitoring such posts. Allowing such content on our site does not sanction our endorsement of such content or its means. By posting any content, whether text or pictures, to our site, you do give us every right to use or not use any of that content or portions of such in any way we so desire.

Originality of Terms & Privacy Policy

We have personally written all content within these terms and within the privacy policy. If you feel we have infringed on your own content through these terms, email and we will investigate and take appropriate actions.