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Unique Ministry Organizations

Welcome Unique Ministry Organization!

We are so grateful for the many unique ways the Kingdom supports one another and for the role you play in that! We currently have over 40 categories that we are trying to use to help create an organized system for Unique Ministries like yourself. It’s hasn’t been easy, and we expect a lot of growing pains as we try to perfect this process, but we believe the many unique resources available need more exposure and we hope to help with that!

We do that through offering you a FREE public profile, explaining the resource or service that you offer, that is searchable and free to the public within our online database. By having this profile, it allows us to share your information with those who express interest in a service or resource related to yours, whether you have a representative present or not!

If this sounds like a partnership you’d be interested in, feel free to:

You can see these list of these categories on our Definitions and Lingo page and they’re also described within our profile creation process so you’re not left confused.

Upcoming Events

The following events are conferences that FURM has most recently attended and that we plan to attend in the near future. We hope to see you there!

No Events Currently Scheduled

Fulfill UR Ministry is not currently scheduled to attend a specific event in the near future, but please check back soon for updates on our next event!