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Project Sonrise


Classification: Church Extension
Type of Organization: Both (MSO/UMO)
Legal Name: Project Sonrise
Established: 1985
Alias/Other Name(s): Belize Basecamp

Organization Description & Goals:

Our main goal is educating and equipping the children of Belize with the gospel of Christ. We do that by helping keep less fortunate kids in school via our student sponsorship program and through the generosity of visiting teams. Our ministry, Project Sonrise was started in 1985. My wife and I purchased the property from a retiring missionary couple and signed on as Directors in 2010. Since then we have felt called to house short term mission teams eager to share the gospel! We can house teams up to 35 in size. What we do is really unique! First off we plan the trip WITH the team leader based on how he/she feels the team is best equipped/called to serve. Then we give them options of local ministry partners to choose from and plan their itinerary accordingly. Some teams come to VBS or bible Camp while others do Sports Ministry or Jesus Film showings in remote villages. Other teams opt to do construction projects or serve in the local schools, churches or childrens homes. We have also had team do concerts in the parks, street evangelism, disciple-making and pastor training sessions and more! We offer low cost (think TOTAL trip cost of $1000, including airfare!)gospel-centered, trips and we serve you while you serve! We also encourage teams to take sometime to soak up the culture and really experience Belize. See the needs so you can communicate to others back at home why they should consider a mission trip!

Organizational Principles

Purpose & Mission Statement:

Turning the hearts of youth and families to God and each other and to help people experience Christ rather than man’s creation of religion, so they can grow strong in Christ . And to teach and equip the children of Belize with the gospel of Christ

Denomination(s): Nondenominational
Open to New Locations: No
Service Locations: International
Active Cities:
Active Regions:
Active States:
Active Countries: Belize

Core Values:

Christ-like Like many developing countries Belize has a strong need for mission-minded, compassionate volunteers to show Christ's love. Many of these young children and teens have been abused and brought up in a broken home, searching for love wherever they can find it. Or at least something that looks like it. They need to learn of the hope and redemption found in Christ. They need to know what true love looks and feels like and that Christ has a plan for their lives. They need Christ-like people to teach them what it is to live Christ-like lives. They need Christ.


Ministries Offered Agricultural
Church Planting
Internships (Collegiate Accredited)
Internships (High School)
Language Lessons
Outdoor Adventure
Prayer Walking
Missionary Durations: 1 to 3 Weeks
Individuals: Yes
Divorced: Yes
Married Couples: Yes
Families: Yes
Groups: Yes
Educational Requirements: No
Does the organization provide funding? No
Does the organization provide benefits? No
Does the organization require training? No
Does the organization provide training? No

Application Process:

Make contact, set dates, make 25% deposit 60 days prior to teams arrival, remaining balance 30 days prior to arrival.

Speaking to Past or Present Missionaries:

Contact me and I will arrange for conference call.

Characteristics of the Ideal Missionary:

Flexibility and compassion for others are the two key characteristics! Things can change on the mission field in a hurry so being flexible and keeping in mind who you are there to serve and why you are there are necessary.