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Prince Ministry in South Africa


Classification: Nonprofit
Type of Organization: Missions-Sending
Legal Name: Prince Ministry in South Africa
Established: 2007

Organizational Principles

Purpose & Mission Statement:

To feed, house, educate and provide a future with hope for children effected by the AIDS epidemic.

Denomination(s): Interdenominational
Member Organization(s): Other
Open to New Locations: No
Service Locations: International
Active Cities: N/A
Active Regions: N/A
Active States: N/A
Active Countries: South Africa

Core Values:

We believe that… • all people are created in God’s image and are to be valued;

• families are God’s design to train and nurture children;

• children should be raised in a loving and secure environment;

• integrity must be exercised and taught in all areas of life;

• children should be taught to give back to their community;

• the word of God and prayer are essential to creating whole lives.


Ministries Offered Administration
Missionary Durations: 1 to 3 Weeks
1 to 3 Months
1 to 2 Years
Individuals: Yes
Divorced: No
Married Couples: Yes
Families: Yes
Groups: Yes
Preferred Group Sizes: 2 to 4
Educational Requirements: No
Does the organization provide funding? No
Does the organization provide benefits? No

Trip Costs Details:

Volunteers just need to be self supporting. Round trip ticket usually runs about $2,000. We are in the bush, so if you want to go on trips, and get off the property, used cars are fairly expensive, or you could rent a vehicle at a nearby town. As this point, we don't have additional accommodation. You may need to rent something, unless we get the funds to build a small apartment ($15,000). Food is not too expensive. Maybe about $50 a week.

Does the organization require training? Yes
Does the organization provide training? No

Training Required for Service:

We don't have requirements for everyone, but we are especially needing a school administrator and teachers who are willing to commit to a full year of school at a time. Must be a registered/educated teacher/administrator. We are currently looking at teaching grades 1-3, and expanding as we get the staff. Need lots of handy man skills. Short or long term.

Application Process:


Characteristics of the Ideal Missionary:

Someone who has a "helper" personality. We are looking for cheerful, hard-working, enthusiastic and flexible people, who are willing to help where needed. Must be self motivated and a early riser.