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NightLight Ministy


Classification: Nonprofit
Type of Organization: Both (MSO/UMO)
Legal Name: NightLight International
Established: 2005
Alias/Other Name(s): NightLight Ministy

Organizational Principles

Purpose & Mission Statement:

NightLight is an international organization compelled by love to reach out to, rescue, and restore all those who are negatively impacted by sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

Denomination(s): Interdenominational
Member Organization(s): Other
Open to New Locations: Yes
Service Locations: Local (City/State)
National (United States)
Active Cities: Atlanta, GA
Active Regions: N/A
Active States: Georgia
Active Countries: Thailand
United States

Doctrinal Statement:

Our Statement of Faith is: 1. We believe in God, the Father, maker of Heaven and Earth. 2. We believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only son, born of the Virgin Mary. 3. We believe Jesus was crucified, buried, and rose on the third day and ascended into Heaven. 4. We believe that the Holy Spirit is an active part of the Trinity who continues to work as counselor and continues to fill Christians with gifts of the Spirit for use in giving glory to God. 5. We believe that it is God’s desire that not one should perish but all would come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. 6. We believe that God desires a worship of us that is expressed through caring for the poor and bringing transformation to this world that God created. 7. We believe that we were all created for God’s glory with the mission to worship God and to actively seek to bring others into His kingdom to know their identity in God and to worship God through their gifts.

Core Values:

LOVE: We are compelled by love. Love keeps us from operating out of duty. Love compels us to action even when it is inconvenient and keeps us persevering even when the person we are assisting is difficult. Love for God and love for others is at the root of all we do. Love calls us to honor all those we encounter and serve, recognizing that they are created in the image of God.

HUMILITY: We value humility that seeks to put others above self and recognizes that God created each person uniquely. Humility is valued in working cross-culturally, affirming the beauty of each culture and their role as stakeholders and influencers. Humility recognizes that development of a nation does not mean superiority and seeks to hear the voices of and gain input from stakeholders in less developed nations. We value humility that serves each other and those we encounter in order to point them to God. Our identity is in Christ and not in our own abilities, status, nationality, or position.

COURAGE: We value courage that is willing to take risks necessary to rescue and intervene. Our courage comes from our confidence in God and faith that God can turn any situation around for good as we trust Him.

RELATIONSHIP: We value relationship building as key to opening doors for rescue, intervention, and restoration. We value relationships in the community to assist in bringing holistic transformation. We recognize that healing comes best in community. As an organization, we cannot work in isolation; but we value strategic relationships, partnerships, and networks.

INNOVATION: We value creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking. We value new ideas and continuous adaptation to find solutions, which will better serve our clients and community. We value the arts and the role that they serve in bringing healing.

INTEGRITY: We value ethical practices and honest transparency. We believe in consistency in word, belief, and actions. We honor those in leadership and the laws that govern in the organization, our communities, cities, and nations.

EXCELLENCE: We value excellence in all that we do, believing that God gives us the best; and we represent God in all we do. We believe that excellence also dignifies those with whom we work and gives glory to God.

HOLISTIC RESTORATION: We value holistic restoration, recognizing that the issues are complex and that true transformation and healing come with concern and attention to the whole person, their family, and their community. Holistic restoration addresses the spiritual, emotional, physical, economic, social, and familial needs. We value holistic ministry that addresses the complexities through prevention, intervention, and restoration.


Ministries Offered Administration
Language Lessons
Prayer Walking
Team Training
Missionary Durations: 1 to 3 Months
4 to 11 Months
1 to 2 Years
More than 2 Years
Long Term/One Way
Preferred Missionary Age: 18 to 100 Years Old
Individuals: Yes
Divorced: No
Married Couples: Yes
Families: Yes
Groups: Yes
Preferred Group Sizes: 2 to 4 People
Educational Requirements: No
Does the organization provide funding? Yes
Does the organization provide benefits? No

Organization Provided Funding:

A small number of positions do not require individuals to raise their own funds. Most staff members, however, are responsible for raising their own funds. Staff members in the United States can raise funds through NightLight (as a 501c3).

Does the organization require training? Yes
Does the organization provide training? Yes

Training Required for Service:

For individuals interested in starting a new NightLight location, training through NightLight is required. NightLight is in the process of developing an initial two-week training session in Bangkok, Thailand, for individuals wishing to begin NightLight ministry in their own context.

Training Provided by Organization:

Training varies based on position and location. Most training for individuals who begin working at an existing NightLight location is informal, hands-on, on-the-job training. NightLight is in the process of developing more formal training for individuals wishing to pursue creation of new NightLight locations.

Long-Term Missionary Accountability Practices:

Benefits and accountability practices vary slightly per NightLight location. Contact us for more information!

Application Process:


Unique Services & Resources

Provided Services & Resources:




NightLight International is a source of light, hope, and love to all those who are affected by the sex industry. NightLight recognizes that we can only adequately effect change to the sex industry and its corrupting influence in partnership with others. We holistically address the complex issues through prevention, intervention, and restoration. NightLight maintains a presence in the red light area in order to search for, identify, and build relationships with women and children, who, whether by voluntary decision, through life circumstances, or trafficked and forced, are caught up in the global sex industry. NightLight assists those who are victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, faith, or cultural background. Our goal is to exemplify the love of Christ in our relationships with victims and those at-risk of commercial sexual exploitation. NightLight practices holistic ministry and, while one branch may have a stronger focus in one area, programs are developed to address the social, emotional, physical, family, and economic issues. NightLight specializes in serving victims at an individual level, realizing that each person has specific needs, that the individual must be served holistically (as is possible), and that the survivor has the right and need to make choices and decisions for her own life. Without demand, the sex trade would not exist as it does. NightLight recognizes the brokenness and pain that drives much of the demand side. NightLight has compassion for men who are users and seeks to build relationships with them by creating appropriate venues for conversations. NightLight desires to re-direct them and offer them alternatives to exploitation. NightLight is faith-based and believes that true healing and wholeness comes through relationship with Christ. However, NightLight does not seek to replace the church’s role as the local body of believers. NightLight’s programs will include discipleship and spiritual development; but also seeks to work in partnership with the local church. NightLight seeks to have an impact and partner with organizations outside of the church to publicly demonstrate Christ through action more than just in the realm of religious language and instruction.

Resource Availability: Churches
Missions-Sending Organizations
Location(s): Local (City/State)
National (United States)
Active Cities: Atlanta, GA
Active States: Georgia
Active Countries: United States
Cost for Resources/Services: No
Open to expanding to new locations: Yes
Open to helping duplicate ideas in new locations: Yes


Looking For Volunteers: Yes
Volunteer Services: Administrators
Event Planning
Graphic Design
Prayer Team
Website Design/Development
Volunteer Positions: On-site Volunteer (Full Time)
On-site Volunteer (Part Time)
Remote Volunteer (As Available)
Remote Volunteer (Regularly)
Travel Volunteer (Full Time)
Travel Volunteer (Part Time)
Willing to accept volunteers outside of the specified denomination: Yes

Types of Volunteer(s) that we are Seeking:

NightLight needs volunteers with a passion for people, a passion for restoration, and a commitment to serving those who have been devastated by sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. NightLight appreciates volunteers and staff who give selflessly wherever they are needed, and who are especially passionate about bringing their own skills and experiences to bear with excellence.

Costs associated with volunteering? No
Training Provided? Yes

Training Process:

Varies based on position and location.