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Joshua Project


Classification: Nonprofit
Type of Organization: Unique Ministry
Legal Name: Joshua Project
Established: 1995

Organizational Principles

Purpose & Mission Statement:

To help define the unfinished task of the Great Commission by highlighting the least-reached ethnic people groups around the world.

Denomination(s): Interdenominational

Doctrinal Statement:

Joshua Project subscribes to the following statements of faith:-Westminster Confession of Faith-World Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith-The Lausanne Covenant Statement of Faith -Great Commission Manifesto The Joshua Project team desires to “demonstrate and spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.” (from Desiring God Ministries) To that end, we want to serve the Christian missions community and the least-reached peoples in any way possible. We seek to connect Christians who have a particular unreached peoples focus with others of like-mind. We long for Jesus’ return and know that “this Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations and then the end shall come.” (Matt 24:14.) We want to see the Lord’s name lifted up among all peoples of the earth for He is worthy of worship from every tribe, tongue and nation. Soli Deo Gloria.

Core Values:

Strategic We help mission strategists who ask, “Where is the greatest need?” Our desire is to help focus the Church on the most spiritually needy ethnic people groups.

Effective We seek to maximize the effectiveness of Kingdom resources by helping identify and reduce duplication of effort between ministries through data sharing.

Comprehensive Our emphasis is on comprehensiveness, to see that the Church is initially established in all the world’s ethnic peoples. Our method has been “when in doubt include a people group on the list” to insure that no groups are overlooked.

Neutral We are a neutral, low-profile ministry, serving the global missions community.

Grassroots We encourage grassroots initiatives and seek input from those actually doing onsite work. Priority is given to updates made by local and national researchers.

Openhanded We provide all data and services at no charge and we desire individuals and agencies in all parts of the world to have access to unreached peoples data.

Additional Information:

Joshua Project gathers, integrates and shares information to encourage pioneer church-planting movements among every ethnic group and to facilitate effective coordination of mission agency efforts. Joshua Project compiles the work of numerous missions researchers to develop a list of all ethnic peoples that is as complete as possible.


Looking For Volunteers: Yes
Volunteer Services: Graphic Design
Website Design/Development
Volunteer Positions: On-site Volunteer (Full Time)
On-site Volunteer (Part Time)
Remote Volunteer (As Available)
Remote Volunteer (Regularly)
Willing to accept volunteers outside of the specified denomination: Yes

Types of Volunteer(s) that we are Seeking:

On-site is best for something like web development. Remote is fine for translation etc.

Costs associated with volunteering? No
Training Provided? Yes

Training Process:

Joshua Project does not have a formal training program. Each situation is case-by case and tailored to the individual and the project. For example, translation work requires fairly limited training e.g. “This is what we need translated into Korean, here is the English, here are the tools to assist with the process. Go for it” Other positions like web designer volunteers take more time to up-speed to the web development tools Joshua Project uses, understanding the collaborative development environment, protocols etc.