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Do you live in a college town? Have a heart for college students? Or for reaching the world but can't travel it right now? International Students Inc. (aka ISI) recognizes that America has an incredible opportunity to minister to the many international students who come from all across the world to study in our country. Having left their family, friends, and culture, most international students are looking for people who are open to conversation and building relationships with them. This gives us the opportunity to be a light through friendship, which hopefully opening the door to talk to them about the Gospel. Ultimately the hope is to send them with the Light as missionaries and disciple-makers back to their home countries. ISI offers trainings, materials, hotlines and more to help Americans reach international students. They encourage us to take advantage of our opportunities to reach other nations from the United States, ISI a great opportunity for families, retired missionaries, and anyone with a heart for college students and the nations. Click here to read more about this Missions-Sending Organization!


Do you have a desire to strengthen your church's vision and action plan for missions? Wouldn't it be great to have a coach to help you get started and walk you through the process? Sixteen:Fifteen is designed to come alongside your church and do just that! Serving all over the US, Sixteen:Fifteen has a passion for helping churches fulfill their roles in the Great Commission, catering specifically to each church they coach. They are interdenominational and partner with the church from development through execution. Click here to view this Unique Ministry Organization's profile.


Unite to Light is a unique ministry organization bringing a solution to the following problems: "Lack of suitable home lighting is directly linked to illiteracy, poverty and health problems. The current widespread burning of kerosene for lighting results in substantial carbon release and environmental pollution." The Solution: A safe, cost-effective, long-lasting product addressing each of these problems simultaneously! They have two products available for your own personal use or to provide to those in need. One product even offers a USB charging port so a phone can be charged while still giving light after the sun goes down! For more information click here to check out this Unique Ministry Organization and explore more options for bringing light along with The Light wherever you go!


Do you have a heart for serving, loving, and sharing the Gospel with Muslims? Are you interested in serving short term, long term, or in an internship to fulfill that passion? Or maybe you'd like to go on a vision trip to learn more about this amazing people group? ReachAcross would love to hear from you and explore the possibility of serving together. ReachAcross has "considerable experience in the Middle East, parts of East and West Africa, [and] in South Asia..." They "are eager to follow God’s leading to work among unreached Muslims wherever they may be found." And they "welcome new initiatives from new members." (from site) Sound like an organization you'd like to learn more about? We don't blame you! Click here to check out this Missions-Sending Organization's profile.


Mission Next Inc. is a launching pad for you to get connected with short-term, long-term, or career missions opportunities. Mission Next has search systems geared towards teachers, retirees, business as missions, and opportunities for young adults. These different search systems help Mission Next connect you with the trip or ministry that is right for your skills and your education. Not sure what you want to do yet? Mission Next also offers forums and retreats to help guide you through the discovery process of where God may be calling you! FURM's founders has attended one of the their forums and found it to be very equipping and their personnel to be extremely caring and relational. She highly recommends it! If one of these opportunities sounds like it is right for you, check out this Unique Ministry Organization's profile.

Upcoming Events

International Conference on Missions (ICOM)

"TOGETHER: God's Plan to Redeem the World" — Working Together to Fulfill the Great Commission. Speakers: Jerry Harris, Henry Burgea, Mike Nichols