Fulfill UR Ministry Financials

Fulfill UR Ministry is a volunteer run ministry. We do not have any regularly paid staff members, only contracted employment for larger projects and goals. For our first 2.5 years, we did not actively solicit any help financially, with the conviction of wanting to prove ourselves valuable before asking for others to invest in our efforts. With the launch of this new website, we finally feel that we are in a place that shows we have value that is only going to get stronger.

Requirement Budget Percentage
Contract Labor
(Including web design and development, graphic design, and special projects)
Conferences & Advertising 25%
Part-Time Employee Compensation 7%
General Administrative Costs 10%

Upcoming Events

International Conference on Missions (ICOM)

"TOGETHER: God's Plan to Redeem the World" — Working Together to Fulfill the Great Commission. Speakers: Jerry Harris, Henry Burgea, Mike Nichols